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Andrew Jenkins superb Pantah and 916

Hi John, Here are some pic's as promised. Sorry about the background, the Jenkins premises are a bit crowded at the moment! It seems that something nasty from the Far East has crept in to one of the pic's, but at least its got a Vee form engine. The 916 has had a bit of a reprieve. It was really rather rough but I found a chap on e-bay who was selling copies of genuine Ducati eproms for non std exhausts for £18, and so I bought one. What a difference! Its gained 20-25% midrange torque (which is a lot not to have) ,that means its just about possible to keep up with the gear changes in the lower ratios, and the driveability is 100% better, the throttle actually connects to the rear tyre now. I can genuinely say its awesome, just like the AMA guys!

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