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Trond Reinertsen Alazurra

Trond Reinertsen Alazurra

From Norway:

The bike is my Alazurra I purchased new in 89. It now has FZR400 front suspension and wheels and capacity is 749ccm. The header is from PCS Daytona that used to race these bikes in Florida in the late 80s and early 90s, and with the balanced length downpipes it really boosts midrange torque. Works great with the Alazurra cams, gasflowed heads and large valves. Next modification is Keihin FCRs, if I can only find out how to fit them, downdraft or sidedraft in the front ? 37 mm or 39 mm or maybe 35 mm even, and so on. Information is getting hard to get by, and the only websites seem to be in Japanese.

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