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Grant Medlock completed bikes

​Hi John, Thought I would forward you a couple of shots of the bikes now they are "completed" and being ridden.

The 900SS is originally an English bike bought back to OZ 21years ago by a good mate and myself after a 12 month adventure around Europe on it and an 82 BMW R100RS. I have replaced the mags with wires and updated brake lines with braided lines. Otherwise, engine is rebuilt (by Gowanlochs) and paint freshened by my good mate CJ (who did both the bikes for me). A recent track day at Eastern creek (JAN 07)showed me there is plenty of life in the old girl yet, it ran and handled as only a duke can! My mate CJ bought his 80 Jota along for a run as well (included a photo from the pit). The SS has a Gianelli pipe which sounds wonderful on song down the main straight. My daughter is now the real owner of the bike, I have passed it to her a an investment for her future, she cant wait to ride it, but in the mean time Dad gets to have fun. The 82 MHR is a restoration after I purchased the bike in a very sad and depleted state. I have sourced parts from all over the world (Kudos to Mdina Italia here for great service) to ensure I have returned her to her full glory. The front suspension is a set of 38mm M1R Marzocchi's that Gowanlochs imported for a limited period back in the early 80's, other than that the bike is a pleasure to both look at and ride. I owned one in the mid Eighties and just had to have another, when I found this one (and apparently many had looked at it , but it was "too big a task") then I had to have it and I am really happy with the outcome, I still need to locate a couple of small detail parts to completely appease the concourse judge set, (and I will), but its a treat to have and ride. Please enjoy (as I do!) Regards,

Grant Medlock

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