Richard Jones Laverda

Richard Jones Laverda

Richard Jones really had his work cut out when he bought this project back in 99, well done Richard, it's lovely. Hi John Here are three pics of the Laverda you sold me back in '99. Although it still looks a little rough around the edges, it's evolved into something of a road weapon. The bike now sports shortened forks with Racetech cartridge valve emulators, Nissin 14mm master cylinder, Suzuki GSXR1100 switchgear, forged Jota pistons, IIS ignition with 250W alternator and Fireblade coils, left hand gearchange conversion (with rearsets) and Falcon alloy shocks. Interestingly enough, I have not had to do anything to the bottom end of the engine, despite the abuse it clearly suffered in Spain. It goes beautifully, and handles far better than a 70s lump has any right to. Many thanks for selling me a brilliant bike. Cheers, Richard Jones. Inverness



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