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Robin Szemeti's used 860

Robin Szemeti's very well used 860, this is what he says about it: I got it in '81 I think ... it was in a breakers, looking very sad. I was just a kid at college .. but for £400 it was mine. I was the coolest kid in the class then :) Its had a few mods, Verlicchi 2:1 system (silentiums rotted out long ago), Lucas Rita, micron fork brace, SS crank, Mahle pistons, numerous rebuilds and re-shims of the box which is now mostly 3 dog gears, crap respray (must get that sorted out) . I've had it pretty much on the road since then, commuted on it, toured on it, even went on honeymoon to Switzerland and Italy on it ... its been quite reliable, but not ridden much in the last 5 years. Just got the bug to put it "right" now and enjoy the sound of rolling thunder this summer :-)

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