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South of France

Your shop owner, his mechanic and a few dangerous looking characters set off for the South of France in May. Between themselves they managed to work out how the camera worked and these are some of the results ! Anglo French relations have been put back twenty years.

f you're looking for an excellent base for a biking holiday you'll need to go a long way to beat this, the accommodation's good, the roads in almost all directions around the surrounding area are just fantastic, the countryside's beautiful with loads of places to visit and Martin who runs it has a fantastic local knowledge and couldn't be more helpful, try it.

Here we have: Martin Tubbs looking very content with yet another pudding!

The look on Pete's face says it all after I've just explained how much his next set of Contis are going to cost him, and no I don't have Three chins in real life!

Pete the squirrel and Martin looking moody

Neil Ridgwell looking happy with his 750

Whilst the UK had the hottest May days for 20 thousand years we were riding around in the wet!

Couple of the lads discussing hair replacement treatments

My SS at Millau

Nick JoBar Marshall, after laying a darkie!

What you looking at?

Neil Overton and his Guzzi

Dave (I can't bring my own bike the rev counters bust) Humphries looking very proud of my bike

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