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Stephen Foster from Australia

I have attached some photos of the bike if you are interested. I have owned it since 1975. It has 82,000 km on the clock and the engine has never been split – original seals still in place – but it has had a bore hone and new rings. Recently it has developed the not uncommon habit of jumping out of 1st gear and I am looking at replacing the 6-dog 1st gear with a 3-dog equivalent. I should renew the big end bearings too when the engine is apart I suppose although there is no indication of any problems. Apart from that, I have had only minor problems - valve guides requiring replacement. Non standard bits include fairing, rear shocks, air filters, front caliper (swapped the Scarab for a Brembo) and braided SS brake hoses but I have all of the original bits and pieces and the owner’s manual.

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