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Peter Calles life style...

Peter Calles 1.jpg

After one and a half year restoration my 1957 MV 175 is completed, and ready to show

After two long years the restoration of my 1964 MV Agusta 125 GTL (Gran Turismo Lusso) is completed. It starts and idles nicely. For not the snow i would of taken it out today. The main reason why the MV looks so good because I'm very lucky to have a great team helping me. I want to thank Bill Diets, Dr. Sean Dwyer, Mark Bailey, Steve Silverman, John Henry, and Reno Leoni. I couldn't of done it without you guys. Now I'm in the middle of restoring a 1957 MV 175 and again i have my team on board. Here are a few picture of the MV.

Peter Calles 1a.jpg

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Peter must surely have some of the best taste in interior design and decoration in the world, this is his living room. Oh and he has a boat powered by Ducati too.

Peter Calles 2b.jpg

Peter Calles 2c.jpg

Peter Calles 2d.jpg

More superb shots of Peters house, we really don’t have to say anything else.

For some of the best photography you’re ever going to find take a look at Phil’s site too

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Peter Calles at Daytona

Hi John

I'm sending a picture of me when i was racing a Ducati TT2 for "team Leoni" (Reno Leoni) The picture was taken at Daytona back in 1988 when i took a third place in the supertwins race.

Grazie, Peter Calles, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

Peter Calles at Daytona.jpg

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