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Greg's Garelli

Hi John - thought you might like these for your visitors gallery

(and if so a link back to <a href="">Benzina</a> much appreciated)

A good friend's dad had a Garelli franchise, and he had a blue Reckord in 1975. I stayed on for A levels so could only afford a Puch M2...tragic. Those not of a certain age (or UK residency) might wonder at an obsession for Sports Mopeds so a brief "why?" might help - there was a 1972 act limiting 16 year olds to 50cc bikes with pedals - the government thought folk would ride Mobylettes and Puch Maxis. Of course people like Garelli and Fantic put pedals on their 50cc sports bikes which would do nearly 50mph, and the Japanese soon caught on (albeit with slower bikes - slower being a relative term) In 1977 the law changed again to restrict the bikes to 30mph and removed the need for pedals. Soon 16 year olds rode scooters (bloody Quadrophinia film on mod culture had some influence too), but to UK men of a certain age those sports mopeds are a fond memory , best Greg

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