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Guy Burtons 888SP5

Guy Burtons absolutely beautiful 888SP5

I thought i'd update you with information found out about my Sp5 I restored three years ago.

She's still going well, rain or shine, just takes longer to clean after the wet rides! but I always thought for a 888 she was quick, even Jonny Baines for Baines Racing at Silverstone thought she was a flyer, so this winter we just had to find out what she really was.

If you can remember I bought it blind from Austria without even sitting on the bike let alone if the engine/transmission was any good, since then we found out it was bought new from Ducati in Bologna by a German gentleman who raced it and after that I'm still searching, maybe someone here might recognise the bike. Anyway, we opened up the engine and to my glee found out she has the Corse 926cc engine and not the corse 888cc with forge race pistons, drill steel pankl rods, 36/31 valves g race cams so putting out a similar output of a 94' Corse race bike, so one happy bunny, all this with the race exhaust system, clutch etc she a bit special.

I also went over and met Mr Flappa and Dr Corse themselves, great guys!

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