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Gene Rankin

Hi John

The Darmah, built in 10/77, was my return to motorbikes after a too- long hiatus, all insprired by the very first Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang Cafe Racer Run. It has been tweaked here & there, but is essentially stock and unrestored.

The Bimota db-2 is one of 36 tricolores made, and my second one (I totalled the first, which now lives under a salvage title). I bought it to take some of the load off of the Darmah, but I still prefer the older bike. I think I'm getting too old for the Bimota's riding position, though.

The MV 350B came to me from the Isle of Man, bought from a friend who'd found it in a back room in Italy. He needed a new race bike, and the MV was sold to finance the purchase. An Italian bike from the Isle of Man with a Dutch title ... Best, Gene Rankin, Madison, Wisconsin

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