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Keron 900ss

Thanks to Keron for these

Hi John, Thanks for the Laverda 3C, I am sure I will have some fun on it next year. Attached are some pics ok my 900ss for your visitors gallery, and also some of my friend John's who's I inherited earlier this year, and below some txt if you wish to put that there as well. My 900ss I bought in 1984, and rode on and off for until 1997, it then sat in my garage until late 2006. During 2007 I restored it. about a month after I bought my 900ss in 1994, my best friend also bought one, he rode his for around 4 years, then put it in his garage. It then moved to his house around 1994, where it sat in a barn in his garden for the next 15 years, I tried to buy it from him a few times, but he refused to sell it to me. Early in 2009, he sadly passed away, and his family gave me his 900ss, from the pics you can see there is a lot of work to restore it, but I will start soon and make it my long term project. ....Keron

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