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Rene Waters Canada

Here are a few pictures from Rene Waters in Canada. Rene runs an excellent web site ,

Well worth a look!

Latest up date from Rene and sue in Canada 18/06/10

A couple of pictures of Sue's bike now it's finished

Rene says......Here's a couple of pictures of a Moto Guzzi that I helped a friend restore. Its an early (1972) V7 Sport with the big drum brake and gear driven cam. Its not a talio rosso, but sure looks nice in that paint scheme. When he purchased it the bike was in every single component part, and had been apart for the previous 10 years. It took a couple of months with the parts manual just to identify everything he had. Since completing it in 2007 he's put about 11,000 miles on it, mostly with Sue and myself.

Here's a couple of shots of Sue on her bike (1978 GTS custom) on the way to, and at, the Motorcycle Speed Trials, Bonneville Salt Flats, this year. Her best speed was not as high as she had hoped due to the bike being jetted for home (2,500 feet lower and 20 degrees cooler) and her wanting to ride it there and back, but a jolly good time was had by all.

And I thought you might like to see the latest mods to my 1978 GTS. Not much of the GTS left anymore. There's quite a lot of modern Ducati bits incorporated. Maiden voyage was from here in Western Canada to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah a 3,200 kilometre round trip! Fantastic.

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