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Steve Robins

Steve Robins sent us these two!

The Guzzi is a MK11 Le-Mans of 1980 vintage, in the guise of a MK1. It's covered 800mls since its full restoration.

The Agusta is a 750 four of 1972 vintage. It purports to be one of the mythical half-dozen-or-so tuned 750(SS) models - and is recognised as such by the MV Agusta Owners' Club - but its exact state of tune is unknown to me since I've not had its engine apart. I do know it wears 27mm SS1 Dell Ortos, and it was raced by a chap named Martin Schmidt in some German race series in the early seventies. When I bought it, it was wearing a longer 'works' alloy tank and single seat unit, but these made it uncomfortable to ride on the road. Thus, the 'Sport' tank and seat you see here have been retro-fitted. It's in stunning condition, but it's no 'Garage Queen'. I use it regularly on the local moorland roads - much to the disdain of the local sheep!

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