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A trip to Spain

My recent trip to Spain was a great success

A few pictures of fun in the late summer Spanish sun:

Northern Spain Oct 2011

Spain trip 1.JPG

One man and his Monster !!

Spain trip 2.JPG

Spain trip 3.JPG

Spain trip 4.JPG

Spain trip 5.JPG

Spain trip 6.JPG

An idiot abroad!

Spain trip 7.JPG

Road of a 1000 bends...Part1

Spain trip 8.JPG

Road of a 1000 bends...Part 2

Spain trip 9.JPG

Not sure exactly what’s going on here but I think Neil’s practising his yodelling skills and Tim’s checking his hair in his mirror

Spain trip 10.JPG

Spain trip 11.JPG

The reason so many bottles of beer were consumed, you never know when those bottle tops will come in handy.

Spain trip 12.JPG

After avoiding getting Ken and his Honda in any of my pictures he managed to sneak it in.

Spain trip 13.JPG

#VisitorsGallery2011 #Ourtrips

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