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John Montgomery

John Montgomery 1.jpg

In 2010 John Montgomery sent us these pictures of his really lovely 1078SS JHP special-weighs 174kg with a full tank, has 108 bhp and 78ftlbs torque, and his 450RT which was a 'barn find' in Florida, came over to the UK with a friend who did nothing with it. I got it in April 2008 and we got it running and on the road-HUGE fun to ride, and bloody loud. RT’s.

Now in 2011 the 450 has done 2 MiniGiro’s, the 2010 MotoGiro, the Beamish Trial and now the 2011 MoffatGiro (last weekend)-still going strong-just a bit scruffier............The picture of 3 RT’s together are from the Moffat Giro and were taken at Port William in Galloway my friend Nigel owns the other two restored RT's

John Montgomery 2.jpg

John Montgomery 3.jpg

John Montgomery 4.jpg

John Montgomery 5.jpg

John Montgomery 6.jpg

John Montgomery 7.jpg


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