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John Montgomery

In 2010 John Montgomery sent us these pictures of his really lovely 1078SS JHP special-weighs 174kg with a full tank, has 108 bhp and 78ftlbs torque, and his 450RT which was a 'barn find' in Florida, came over to the UK with a friend who did nothing with it. I got it in April 2008 and we got it running and on the road-HUGE fun to ride, and bloody loud. RT’s.

Now in 2011 the 450 has done 2 MiniGiro’s, the 2010 MotoGiro, the Beamish Trial and now the 2011 MoffatGiro (last weekend)-still going strong-just a bit scruffier............The picture of 3 RT’s together are from the Moffat Giro and were taken at Port William in Galloway my friend Nigel owns the other two restored RT's

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