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Tony Greaves winter project

Tony Greaves and his winter project

Hi guys, As I so often pop in for my 'fix', I thought I'd drop you a few pics of where I am with my 900ss you fettled for me last year. Bike was sound as was but, in stead of buying another 'project' for winter, I thought I'd turn my attentions to the old Duke, as it is so damn lovely to ride. Gone for the white frame look (opinions?), with '92 decals and fresh paint to match (still awaited). Had a complete strip, but I left the engine intact. Re-building the carbs was fun and I've uprated and repaired the loom - starts so much better as a result! Looking forward to putting the red bits back on

Update 07/02/12

Hi John

Painted parts arrived this weekend, so nearly there now. Note the grab handle has gone (all plastics filled in) and seat has been re-profiled to accommodate the tail section better). Hugger also 'reduced' and rear end slightly higher due to a 1cm longer shock from a later injected SS. Higher pipes should look just right, but one-off brackets still awaited


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