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Volker Guzzi

Volker from Germany sent us this nice note

hi John, i surfed through the internet to search for a Laverda which might be my next bike an during this search I found your website. Congratulations!!! It is realy great what you do there. I spend the complete sunday morning to watch all the pictures of the bikes you restored and it is realy amazing work that you do there. I own a Moto Guzzi LM3, a Ducati SL 900 and a Ducati MH 900e. After watching your pictures gallery I thougt it could be a nice idea to send you some pictures of my Moto Guzzi because it is compete customized like my spec. i did it by myself and would like to share these pictures with you. Best Regards, and good luck for your wunderfull business :-)


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