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Mark Bailey Morini

Mark Bailey sent us these

How about a couple of Morini photos to start 2012? I sent you a photo of my 1975 3 ½ Strada some time ago, when it was in semi-Sport style. I’ve now put it back to Strada specification with standard handlebars and a dual seat, and it continues to be massive fun (including on a track day at Cadwell Park). In fact, it’s so much fun that I’ve bought another 3 ½ to keep it company, a wire-wheel disc-braked Sport from 1976. This one is very original and has been looked after obsessively by previous owners, and has the rare twin-disc set-up (available as a factory option, although the second disc on mine was added a few years ago). It’s also enormous fun but with a much more focused and intense feeling than the Strada. I’d hate to have to choose between one or the other!

Best wishes. Mark

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