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James Hagon

James Hagon sent us these Welcome to Italian bikes James

I've recently joined the Italian biking fraternity and wondered if I might have a mention on the visitor's gallery. At the tender age of just 18 I went in search of my 'first big bike'. A friend and I were trawling the online ads and it was jokingly suggested that I buy 'that enormous old-man's bike'.Lo and behold, two days later my very own Moto Guzzi California was sat on my front drive - A rather unconventional choice given my age I'm sure you'll agree! I've been scrimping and saving hard as a student to bring her back to respectable condition and plan to take her touring around Europe when I'm finished at uni. Current modifications (likely sanctioned by any one of the 8 previous owners) include straight-through stainless steel pipes, falcon shocks, a power commander and K&N air filter. I look forward to many happy years dealing with the charms and 'character' of a bike that's nearly as old as I am.

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