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Visitors: Paul Ingram resto

In May 2013 Paul Ingram bought this from us, just 15 months later he’s managed not without some pain and hard work to transform it, congratulations Paul it’s a real credit to you.

The engine now has Godden Engineering 1,000cc speedway engine con rods, Lacey big end bearings, Wiseco 88mm (904cc) high compression pistons running standard cams, valves to retain the character of the engine. It also uses a Nova Engineering straight cut primary drive gear set, 40% larger capacity oil pump, Silent Hektik electronic ignition and has the invisible full flow oil filtering conversion pioneered by Roland Steidle and Martin Däuble (HowTo attached). The conversion enables me to run AMSOil once it is run in, which will hopefully significantly lengthen the life of the engine. I have retained the air filters in recognition of extending engine life.

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