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Visitors: Ducati 24 Horas

I thought you might like these images to post on your web site. I have finally finished restoring my Ducati 24 Horas second series 250. I purchased bike in Norfolk in 1978, painted bright orange, and unaware of the “reputation” of the 24 Horrors”, or even that it was a Spanish bike. I didn’t find this out until the DVLA arrived to check the frame and engine number during the change from “old style” log booklet (which I still have)! I then “rebuilt” as student funds allowed during the summer of 1978 with the help of Mick Walker motorcycles and John Wittmann of Witty Ducati.

Mick Walker supplied numerous cycle parts from his shop warehouse “attic” (including tool boxes and chain guard), plus many minor engine parts. It was at his shop that I always remember seeing a 900ss and MV Augusta 750 America sitting side by side, wishing I could afford. Well I have the 900ss now at least!

Wittmann gas flowed the head and fitted larger Mk 3 valves, plus supplied numerous engine parts including replacing the infamous cheese metal cam & followers, and yes the cam was indeed almost worn away, still in my toolbox. Engine has a brand new Wittmann gas flowed head and 29mm Dellorto carb, otherwise is stock.

I rode bike for one year as transport to the Norfolk college of Art & Technology before I left for University of Bath to study mechanical Engineering. Ducati was stored it for 30 years while other priorities occupied me. I starting the restoration in 2008 and have spent 5 years working on and off. Bike now has a replaced rebuilt crank from Classic Ducati (thanks Barry), a 12v conversion and several “minor” issues fixed, like manufacturing a sprocket holder to take the correct 428 chain (24 Hora’s sprocket is unique, has 900ss inner 5 bolt but with 428 chain size), and converting to non-racing shift pattern (1st gear now down) for consistency with my Laverda

It’s taken 5 years to finally get to road worthy. I did all paint myself except the tank (Dream Machine). I rebuilt /re-shimmed the engine at my father’s house in France this summer, hence the under tree work bench. Hard to beat that as a location. The engine was fired up for the first time in 35 years in November 2013. I rode the bike round village on Boxing day. Ran very well and will be on the road this spring. Looking at the final pictures, I’m happy to have a 24 Horrors, very unique and probably much rarer in UK as I believe only 150 were imported by Vic Camp, and most blew up!. Quality of cycle parts is also excellent with Borrani rims, huge brakes, 35mm forks, and a classic racer tank. ......................Currently stored in the lounge, looking forward to first spring ride, regards

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