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Visitors: Our recent trip to Mallorca.

Our recent trip to Mallorca was great fun with some really good roads and great riding to match the climate. If you go, just beware of the cyclists, there are thousands of them and I mean thousands.

I took my Bimota DB1 which is my new favorite bike.

Over the years I've ridden a few DB1's and always liked them a lot but always find them a little lacking in go and very limiting in how hard you can ride them, as most of them seem to be on 20+ year old tyres with those 16 inch rims. So we made a few mods to mine that have transformed a good bike into a really fantastic bike. First we fitted some 17 inch Marvics which makes buying tyres a very easy job and has also reduced unsprung weightI It's difficult to say if its slowed the steering at all as I've never been able to ride any of the 16 inch shod bikes anything like as hard as this, but it feels great to me.

We then treated the engine to a Pistal racing big bore kit, gas flowed the heads and modified an ORSP

2 into1 pantah race system and thats it. The result is one very tractable reliable engine with loads of grunt combined with one of the best chassis ever built making it a fantastic fun bike.

Neil looking more than happy with his 750 GT.

Andrew's lovely 75 replica 900Ss along with Nick Marshall's heavily modified 90's 750SS.

Gianluca's V7 sport, a proper looking Cafe racer.

As you can see only the finest specimens on our trips!

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