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Sold: Ducati 750F1 Laguna seca 1987

This Laguna Seca was originally imported into the UK direct from the Ducati factory by Moto Vecchia. The Laguna Seca was a true factory special and not just a bit a badge engineering like some limited edition Ducatis, the forks and brakes were special but the engine in particular got some very special treatment and makes this a very different and more exciting bike to ride than a standard 750F1. Engine mods were many and included crank cases, gear box, clutch, cylinder heads, valves all mated up to some 40MM DellOrto PHM's with open bell mouths and camshafts with very radical timing. This particular bike is said to also have had factory fitted titanium conrods though without stripping it we're not able to verify this.

Only 296 were built and only 96 with a dual seat as this one it's in absolutely fantastic condition throughout, and is very much as it left the factory its currently fitted with the factory road silencer but also comes with the Very loud open race pipe...

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