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Spring trip to Andalusia, a bit wet but still 18C warmer than Stowmarket is in April!

Tim making the most of his 75 900SS.

Just loaded for the drive down to southern Spain via the Portsmouth Santander ferry .

Our freshly built version of a 750F1 it really is so much better in every way than the factory effort.

Lots of empty twisty mountain roads.

Doug showing off his scraped fairing after getting his knee (and the rest of his body!) down on a very wet and slippery roundabout.

Yet another coffee stop.

Hotel guard and mans best friend.

Andrew from Mdina's lovely special.

17 Inch Marvics, 4 pot calipers mated to an 18 mm radial master cylinder , Conti silencer, half fairing, Wilbers rear shock, gas flowed cylinder heads with an 820CC conversion and finished off in TT1 paint work, just perfect for these mountain roads.

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