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Ducati TT2/TT1.


Ducati TT2/TT1 750cc Jean Moto

Jean Moto Team was a small but very “aggressive” team competing in endurance racing and TT’s during the 1980's

A real piece of mid 80's Ducati history this bike finished 6th overall at the 1984 Bol D’Or, first of all Ducati’s so in front of works Ducati machines!

It's totally preserved as it finished the last race but the engine was completely overhauled by factory ex-mechanic Giorgio Grimandi.

Forget stocks and shares invest in a true piece of motorcycling history!

1984 24h race Le Mans with number 25

1984 24h race Bol d'Or with number 15

1985 24h race Le Mans with number 6

This machine is not currently in our showroom, please contact us to view.

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