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Visitors Gallery: Chris from Ipswich having a fantastic ride around Scotland.

I'm in Scotland, bike is going ok so far, Came up A14/A1 then to ripon took A 6108/A684 to sedbrergh then M6 to penrith, the weather has been fantastic, been taking my time 70 MPH at 3600 RPM.

My second day was 110miles to Glasgow, up the M6/M74 then traffic round Glasgow, I stopped at lock lomond A84 this a road made in heaven for bikes, I have had 100 miles of fantastic ridding, and the GTS has loved it I'm now in fort William

Another 200 mile day, I wanted to take the ferry from mallaig to Skye but it was all booked up, if you want to do this book the ferry in plenty of time, so it was the A82 /A87 I stopped a cupall of times 200miles on the GTS is not far, I still made good time only being passed by the mad BMW GS rider, still in no hurry and pass cars when safe, dropped my bag off at the kings arms hotel, and zoomed off round Skye, only to be passed by yes you gessed it.

Well took the A82/A87 still lovely roads, dropped my bag off at Kings arms hotel, that made a difference zoomed around Skye another 200 miles, after three days riding my hands don't work properly any more apart from that I'm ok

Weather up here still good 24c today, only good thing with a BMW is no chain I have chain lube every where

I'm now at donddonell, took the A890/A896/A832 from Skye, my average speed is slow, bends every were, mixed with some fast road to, I won't to stop all the time to take photos, it's been windy on the top of the hills, and my big bag doesn't help, sky is still all blue, just checked my oil I'm on the bottom line, so it's fuel and oil in the morning

As you know it's not easy to put oil in a Ducati, I got one ltr, and got a bit of plastic which I found, and poured it down the plastic and in the hole, made a bit of a mess, and I over filled it, don't tell Neil

Today is cold I have be up and for a walk before breakfast,on my way back home I'm rugged up, and I put my heated grips on for the first time. I'm heading to Syre B871/B873 then onto the A836to Lairg , I slip off the A 836 to the B9176 this is my last good biking road I stop to take a photo and a new Ducati turns up, so I take a photo old bike new bike dam it's the A9 to Inverness

I rode out of Inverness at 9:15 just stopping for fuel and a rest I also stopped on the English Scottish boarder for a photo stopped for fuel at jedburgh about 8 bikes pull in someone calls where you heading I say Ipswich they laughed, that where we are from small world, I had a big smile on my face it's the A68 it probably my last good road 250 miles today the Ducati GTS is still eating the miles and after 6 days I'm feeling pretty good

My last push for home A1/A14 I plod along,and am home at 3:15.

This GTS is 39 years old

I have done 1747 miles

My fuel consumption 62.04 MPG

And one litre of oil

The Ducati GTS has a very comfy ridding Position,and apart from my hands I feel pretty good,the givi fairing helped a lot it's a must for long distance riding.Scotland was fantastic.

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