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Ducati 900SS special: Sold.

My own special built by us in 2013 and with under 2000 miles covered since, first registered 1973 and featured in several magazines and was built very much to be used needless to say it has a fantastic spec which includes a fully rebuilt 900SS specification engine with gas flowed cylinder heads, new valves, valve guides, genuine Borgo 900SS pistons, Lacey con rod assembly, surflex clutch, choke operated PHM 40MM DellOrtos, ORSP Kokasan ignition system, when these magazine pictures were taken it had a unique round case clutch cover cast to fit a 900 engine fitted, it currently has a 75/76 SS cover as the bottom picture on this page as personally I prefer the looks but the purchaser is welcome to either. Rear shocks are Ohlins built to look period, the front forks are the very rare centre axle Lockheed mounting items, calipers are rebuilt original Lockheeds, discs are cast iron Gold line Brembos with the centres re anodised grey, rear caliper is a shaved 900SS item, all fibreglass was new with a smaller than standard headlight from a Pantah and matching fairing aperture, aluminium UK made tank, borrani replica rims laced up with stainless spokes to original SS hubs, TT1/2 adjustable foot controls, early 900SS instruments + console, stainless steel 900SS chain guard , serakoted two into one Verlicchi exhaust system, the registration number isn't included in the sale.

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