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Frank Grimleys lovely 750 Round case build.

Frank bought this off us in 2012, Four years hard work have turned it into this beauty.

Hi John.

Couple of pictures of the finished bike. Going pretty well. Took some time and money to build. Ive fitted as many original parts as I can find. Pleased with it and worth every penny. Looking forward to getting it out again this year.

Engine fully rebuilt with correct sport Mondial pistons, rebuilt crank, all new bearings, new liners and rings, valve guides and seats, clutch, dina ignition, 32mm carbs, etc.

Parts have come from the US, Germany, Holland, Italy, Australia, and Poland. Paddy Ducati, Classic Italian Bikes, Brancato, Disco Volante, Bevel rubber, Bevel Heaven to name but a few. Chrome by S&T (excellent but expensive), Blasting and polishing by Sutton Soda blast.

Frame was done by a local guy cost about £1k but hes done a good job. Hes made a jig. He would be interested in more but he can be slow. He also made the centre stand. Its a perfect replica.

Correct (new) Borrani rims.

I have the correct twin nipple calipers about to fit now. Also original master cylinder.

Just about the only parts from the original bike are the engine, frame, fork legs, hubs and wheel spindles.

Working on my black 79 900SS and I have recently bought 2 Mach 1 1965 &1964. Also got a 250 Daina Mark 3 from the US.


Frank Grimley.

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