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BOTT bevel racer 1980.

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

A big thank you to Stefan Gratz for sharing this beauty with us.

Dear John,

please find the following pics of the TT2 Ducati bevel BOTT racer of Jochen Kuhnle. 1980 Jochen brought the BOTT to Germany and raced very successfully with this bike against upcoming japanese monster superbikes in the German championship. 1984 he sold the bike to Olli Oltmanns, a racing Ducati tuner and owner of Italo Schmiede in northern Germany. In 2015 Olli was invited to the IOM TT for the lap of honor (Carl Chrutschlow wanted to buy the bike). Actually the bike found a warm and comfortable place in my living room. If the pics are fine with you for your visitor gallery than please feel free. Enclosed you find a publication with regard of the bike in a German classic bike magazine, in German only, sorry.


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