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Ducati 750SS 1975.

Updated: Mar 19


The 1975 SS range of bikes have in the last ten to fifteen years become increasingly sought after by collectors throughout the world. Always considered special, I think in recent years with the production figures published with just 246 900's built and 249 750's people started to realise just how special these 1975 bikes are.

So its a very rare occasion to be able to have such a stunning machine to offer to the market.

Originally imported into the UK in 1982 this machine came to us in 2017 when we carried out a full ground up restoration on it turning it back to as close to stock as we could. It did also gain a few mods like the side stand and electronic ignition to make it a bit easier to live with, since then it's been part of a private collection and has covered just 24 miles.

So if you're looking for one of the rarest production Ducati's of the past fifty years you've just found it!


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