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Ducati 888 RS Suzuka 8 hour 1991.

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

We're very pleased to be able to offer to the market straight from the Collezione-Giappone this completely unique factory 888RS a must for any serious Ducati collector! The following are the words from the previous owner.




In Jul/1991, Ducati factory brought 888 Corse Endurance machines to Japan in order to entry "Suzuka 8hour endurance"

Sponsered by "Sagawa Kyubin" which famous Japanese transport company.

1990's in Japan, economy of Japan was very strong.

So, sponsor(Sagawa Kyubin) could pay enough money to bring Ducati super star such as Marco Lucchinelli,Franco Farne,Giuliano Pedretti,Raymond Roche,Giancarlo Fallapa, Davide Tardozzi,Stephane Mertens.

Thoese super line up was the first and the last time for motorcycle racing in Japan.

"Sagawa Kyubin" paid over JPY 200,000,000 (TWO HUNDRED MILLION) for this race.

Bike and it's spare parts were all special one and also build/made as experimental for Bol d'Or endurance for the next year.

Race result was DNF but lapped in 5th temporarily.

Ducati left 2 bikes after the race in order to display it at "Sagawa Kyubin" headquarter.

We bought the bike from "Sagawa Kyubin" and did full preparations.

Ducati brought 9 engines, 888cc and 926cc engine at that time.

But, final round was 888cc.

"Race inspection pass" sticker is still remaining at the frame.

Bodyworks, Frame, Wheels are original paint.

Engine is also fully original internals and had only 3 test lap after overhauled.

"Quick wheel change" were experimental items.

So, Ducati brought it back after the race and fitted it to Bol d'Or endurance machine in 1992.

Dry weight of the bike is approx 150kg and amazingly light weight and runs really strong at 888cc engine.

This bike was featured by many Japanese motorcycle magazines.

Painted in red one is displayed at Ducati museum as Bol d'Or endurance and very close spec as mine.

Raw alloy surface crankcase was only for works bike at that time.

Crankcase bearings are both "Roller"

Double quick filler system is made by magnesium (Impossible to obtain).

An early dry carbon items were made in Yugoslavia at that time.

Special endurance front forks were Ohlins that easy to hung the racing stands.

"Spaghetti" exhaust pipe are fitted.

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