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Sold: Ducati 350 Vento

Sold in May 2014

Amazing but true, we received this Email the other day and we even had the original Isle of Man paperwork with Teds name on it. You’ll be glad to hear the Vento is now on its way to Florida to be re united with him.

John: Greetings!

I believe the Vento you have is my old bike. I picked it up off the showroom floor in Barcelona and exported it to Saudi, where I worked in the oil patch. I rode this from Abqaiq in the Eastern Province to Jeddah on the Red Sea. It took my throttle hand 2 weeks to recover from the vibration. But that was a small price to pay for a trip which included an attempted trip to Mecca...another story. When I was laid off there in 1987, I exported it to the Isle of Man, where I unfortunately had to sell it to get back home. It has raised clip-ons from a Monza that I added, along with the SS brake lines...


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