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Sold: Bimota SB2 1977

The SB2 was a motorcycling milestone and so far ahead of its time incorporating many unique features and not only one of Massimo Tamburinis best ever designs but this is the first road going production model Bimota built, they were incredibly expensive when new and only 140 were ever made making it one of the most collectable Bimota’s ever. This particular machine numer 9/140 has just come in from Italy it’s been restored at some time in its life and is in very good condition throughout it’s been upgraded with a pair of 38mm forks over the standard 35mm’s and is currently only fitted with a rev counter but the original GS 750 instrument console and speedo are included. One of my personal favourite bikes of all time and to me these models are still vastly undervalued possibly because they’re so rare they’re not fully understood by many people when you consider its approximately a third of the price of a Green frame 750SS of which 400 were produced values can surely only go one way when the world wakes up… £35,0000.

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