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Bimota DB2SR 1996: Sold.

Bimota have always built beautiful bikes it's not up for question, however a few of their paint schemes have been questionable especially from the early to mid nineties, not least the DB2SR which was only available in patchwork purple,red and white (just google it and you'll see what I mean)

A previous owner of this model saw the light and had it re painted in black with subtle detailing in red which to my eye looks a whole lot better than the original machine. Other than that it's standard apart from some missing indicators which we'll add before it goes out, we've just fitted a new fuel pump, tyres, Odysey battery and belts so it's ready to ride we'll also MOT and register it at point of sale, it's covered just under 30,000 Kms and is in good shape throughout the SR model differs from the standard and EF models in having an injected engine .

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